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The feeding of the horse deserves special attention as it provides the basis for its vitality, willingness to work and strong nerves. St. Hippolyt offers solutions and information in regards to the proper, healthy feeding of horses. Adequate concepts for the individual requirements have been developed with outstanding feeding results, also for difficult situations. The suitable feed composition aims at aiding the horse enthusiast to maintain his sport or pleasure partner’s long-lasting health and perfect capability and to keep him vital and fit to an advanced age.

The supply with organic micro-nutrients and natural minerals leads to an increased resistance against infections and problems of the respiratory and digestive system. A shiny coat and healthy hooves are simply the results of well-being and a proper nutrition.

Meanwhile, many studies worldwide revealed the huge influence of the horse’s feed on its health. Research has confirmed the impact of the horse’s nutrition on its capacity, especially on its energy and stamina reserves. Own studies with juvenile horses revealed that the feed a horse is given at an early age will have a huge impact on its resistance to skin problems. The influence of an especially designed nutrition on the hoof horn structure was determined with brood mares.

St Hyppolyt

The St. Hippolyt product range does not only stand out because of its exceptional variety, but especially also because of the  conventional feeds. Natural ingredients, scientifically sound recipes and their processing according to the balance principle ensure efficient feeds for the benefit of your horse.

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