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basis sport cubes

Basis-Sport Cubes

A non-heating fully balanced condition cube for light to medium work. Contains all essential vitamins and minerals.
Suits all horses (especially cold bloods, and mature horses) and ponies.



No. 1 bestselling sport- and performance cubes.
100% natural energy from cereals, alfalfa, linseeds, etc. For a perfect vitality and optimal hoof- and skin condition; contains high levels of
B-vitamins, Biotin, and b-Carotene.

derby compact cubes

Derby-Compact Cubes

Premium high energy sport cubes for (top) performance and hard training. The cubes contain a specific natural yeast for an optimal digestion of cereals. High in vitamins and low level of proteins.

Ferto lac3 broodmare cubes

Ferto-LAC3 broodmare cubes

A unique and proven formula for gestating and lactating mares, with Multi-Calcium-Complex (MCC) and extra copper to prevent from OCD, increased energy and protein-level for an optimal milk production, and increased level of the 3 most important Amino-acids.

opti grow foal cubes

Opti-Grow Foal Cubes

Very luxurious small Foal-cubes for the first 18 months with high levels of the best quality proteins, extra energy and many milkproducts to supply foals with a good start. Contains also extra essential amino-acids and Multi-Calcium-Complex against OCD

Natural balance

Natural Balance

A unique and healthy muesli without molasses or added sugar. Contains an optimal omega 3/6 ratio, extra fibres, spelt wheat and garlic. Suitable for horses sensitive to stomach ulcer developments, arthritis and stress.