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Cool-Mix (Muesli without oats)

Complete Non-Heating mix with alfalfa and spelt wheat and with slow-releasing energy. High levels of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Ideal for all easy-to-feed horses and nervous or sensitive horses. Also for stallions and broodmares (high Beta-Carotene level).

green vet

Green Vet (Reform herbal Muesli)

Complete and exclusive mixture of micronized cereals, rolled black oats, alfalfa and carrot flakes and a wide variety of natural herbs and essential oils. Stimulates digestion, muscle metabolism and the respiratory system.

sport muesli


An all round horse muesli for all kind of sport- and breeding horses with corn- and barley flakes, black oats and a special vitamin supplement. Highly digestible, gives a perfect condition and vitality.

power plus mix

Power-Plus Mix

Dry energy mix for sport horses with black oats and a low protein content. Ideal for horses in training and peak fitness. Ensures extra power and strong and elastic muscles without fattening. Contains extra electrolytes (ideal for intense training or in hot climates)

kentucky lite e

Kentucky Lite E

Kentucky Lite E is an energy mix, with black oats, fortified vitamins and soybean oil, for horses in hard work. Permits optimal loading and storage of the glycogen reserves and improves muscle condition.

slobber mash


Very palatable mixture, rich in vitamins and fibres and with purifying action. Consists of flaked cereals, toasted linseed, wheat bran and dehydrated alfalfa, complete with extra vitamins and minerals.