Royal Windsor Win & Championship

Conratulations to Amy Smith and Laburnum Richard who took the M&M working hunter pony championship at Royal Windsor show
Fed on Havens power plus

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St Hippolyt Equigard

Here’s a pic of a horse that was originally fed on St Hippolyt Equigard – his feed was changed and within 3 days he came out in these lumps….
3 days back on the Equigard and they’ve all gone again and he is back to normal!!!

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Super Results for Archie

Fantastic news again for Archie
He qualified last week for the Royal International
He is still fed on St Hippolyt Equigard and now with some structure e added to give him a little extra energy for his show days
Well done Claire & Archie

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Lovely write up for Sarah Lundy – Croft Top Equestrian

sarah lundy horse and hound

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Elite Masterclass 7th May

Just want to say a huge thankyou to Astrid Bolton, Hayley Colwell, Robert Maguire, Sarah and Victoria Lundy for giving us such an amazing insight into their lovely horses and training methods. How lucky are we to have such fantastic talent here in the North West. Good luck to you all at all your shows coming up


A great day was had by all and all for charity

Phillips Artwork_H&F Feeds_Elite Masterclass_A4 Poster.jpg



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Medium double win for 15 year old Lara Kuropatwa

Fantastic results – fed on St Hippolyt products 😉
Well done Lara

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Logwood Dressage loving St Hippolyt

Heres a lovely post that was left on our facebook page – thanks Rebecca

Rebecca McNair to H & F Feeds

I have always had problems keeping Bolana’s attention when she is at her most reactive to the aids. A few months ago I changed her onto the St Hippolyte EquiGard and the difference has been quite remarkable. She is so focused, has oodles of energy for the advanced work and looks fabulous on just this and Linustar!

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Westown Stud -loving Havens Basis Sport

Some more lovely customer feedback left on our facebook page from Sarah Weston, she feeds Havens Basis Sport to her horses..

“They are fantastic I have a lot of ponies and I find they are brilliant for every age group and type of work.”

“Thanks very much to H & F feeds for keeping the stallions at Westown Stud in fantastic condition all ready for the 2016 season.”


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Lovely Customer Feedback recieved

This feedback was left on our facebook page – lovely to hear
Just wanted to say a big thankyou for putting me on to the amazing St Hippolyte Equigard feeds via our yard owner, Rene Bradley at Higher Greenhill, Salterforth!
I’ve been feeding the Musli to both our veteran ponies (both with Cushings Disease) for a couple of weeks now and both absolutely love it.
Today I gave Roscoe (who is 31 years young) a tea of Musli and the Equigard pellets mixed with water for the first time and he wolfed it down ….. In fact he loved it so much he wouldn’t leave it until he’d eaten every last scrap to play with his play ball which is the first time I can ever recall that happening!
Roscoe’s looking really well, with a great coat and bright eyes, too.
The Musli looks and smells really appetising and it’s great to know that’s it’s perfectly balanced for their medical conditions as well as obviously being really tasty.
Here’s a picture of our terrible twosome – Roscoe (31) is in the foreground and Clydar (21) in the background!
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Rob Maguire wins HOYS Foxhunter title

Rob Maguire looking fab in horse and hound after winning the fox hunter title at HOYS 2015
Fed on havens draversbrok

rob maguire hoys DB

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