Lovely Customer Feedback recieved

This feedback was left on our facebook page – lovely to hear
Just wanted to say a big thankyou for putting me on to the amazing St Hippolyte Equigard feeds via our yard owner, Rene Bradley at Higher Greenhill, Salterforth!
I’ve been feeding the Musli to both our veteran ponies (both with Cushings Disease) for a couple of weeks now and both absolutely love it.
Today I gave Roscoe (who is 31 years young) a tea of Musli and the Equigard pellets mixed with water for the first time and he wolfed it down ….. In fact he loved it so much he wouldn’t leave it until he’d eaten every last scrap to play with his play ball which is the first time I can ever recall that happening!
Roscoe’s looking really well, with a great coat and bright eyes, too.
The Musli looks and smells really appetising and it’s great to know that’s it’s perfectly balanced for their medical conditions as well as obviously being really tasty.
Here’s a picture of our terrible twosome – Roscoe (31) is in the foreground and Clydar (21) in the background!
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