Great Results for a customer with St Hippolyt Equigard

Some fantastic feedback & before and after pictures received from a customer….

Dear H&F Feeds
After discussions with Ruth and going through all the data sheets, in early June I decided to put my horse on Equigard (muesli version).  It was a bit of a struggle to find a bag initially, but thanks to your efforts I now have access via 2 local stockists.  Previously I had fed a good quality low cal balancer with a molasses free chop but always felt my pure bred Irish Draught lacked sparkle.  Being a lazy sort, it’s not always been easy to tell if he’s being lazy or simply not able to cope with his work load but there was never anything outwardly obvious & initial blood tests showed all was normal.  He wasn’t over weight and he looked well enough.   Changing to a comprehensive balancer &  performance cubes only led to weight gain so I started so suspect he may either be borderline Cushings or possibly not processing something from his feed properly.  A friend recommended Equigard as she had started her EMS Highland on it, so I thought it was worth a try before I had the vet run further tests.   He’s now been on Equigard for 6 weeks and I was prepared for nothing to change.  However, after about 2 weeks I thought he seemed more energetic and brighter, his coat looked better and his eye was bright.   As he gained more energy I was able to increase his work load without him dying on me, which included daily hacking & schooling, a lesson once a week and a trip to the gallops once a week.   As I increased his work and on days when I felt more energy was required (e.g. lesson or gallops) I started to add a cup of the Struktur-e which has definitely had a positive effect.  He has energy without silliness.   As a show horse he needs to sparkle in the ring and at his last show in 2014, he could barely maintain his trot and canter in the go round and would drop off the leg for the judge, despite my best efforts to keep him fit and trim.  I was beginning to think showing him was pointless.    After just 6 weeks on Equigard, he went to his first show of the season, where he stormed round the main ring, gave the judge a super ride and stood top of his hunter section at a large county show.    He was bright eyed and bonny but remained calm and mannerly in a buzzy environment.   This change has come about only since he started on the Equigard, which has allowed me to getter better quality work into him allowing him to develop his fitness and muscle tone.

The pictures attached show him in April this year, where he looks well just lacking in tone and the other is from this weekend, where you can clearly see a slimmer toned horse.  This transformation has taken 6 weeks so I am really looking forward to seeing how he progresses from here on in.   And I will definitely be keeping him on the Equigard – he absolutely loves it and the bowl is licked completely clean every time.


Claire Dunkley

claire dunkley 2 claire dunkley

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