Great results for Harriet Noakley feeding Havens Natural Balance

Harriet Noakley is really pleased with the difference feeding Natural Balance has made to her horses
“Havens natural balance has had a huge effect on my 2 horses
My event horse Dorland used to constantly struggle with diarrhoea from feeding, we changed everything from feeds to haylage to hay nothing worked and his coat became dull, he had no energy and his performance lacked. It really affected him, as soon as I tried natural balance as advised by Havens the results were outstanding! The fibre in the feed stopped the diarrhoea, He can happily have haylage which he loves and the condition of his coat and muscular appearance is better than ever! We are to compete at badminton grassroots next week! And he’s in he best shape for it thanks to natural balance as it provides all the essentials he needs.
My other horse Cool Millenia was diagnosed with equine metabolic syndrome as a youngster and we really struggled with his weight, first being too fat then too thin he was on every type of feed supplement going, he also suffered with energy levels. Again after being advised by Havens we tried him on natural balance and instantly we saw a difference. His coat is gleaming, he’s so shiny, his weight is spot on and the muscles on him look fantastic ! He has won every dressage comp he’s been entered for this year . Not only is feeding both my horses natural balance cost effective I have 2 very happy horses with results to show for it.”
harriet Dorland harriet Milo nat balance Havens
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