Super new product – Havens BRIX

Havens BRIX brix 2 brixconsist of compressed pure lucerne and mint, ideal as a treat or to upgrade your horse’s diet. Your horse can chew on the BRIX which can help relieve boredom.  The high fibre content promotes chewing, saliva production and digestive health. A HAVENS BRIX in the manger with the concentrate feed will help prevent gobbling. It works like the well-known stones in the manger, except BRIX is a healthy edible alternative. Dried mint has been added to tempt even the most picky eaters.

  • Highly digestible proteins (16,5%) and essential amino acids
  • Low sugar content of 5,7% (hay contains usually around 10% sugar)
  • Free of molasses, grains and grain by-products
  • Compact and easy-to-feed
  • As a treat or to relieve boredom

Feeding guidelines
One BRIX weighs about 1kg each (2.2lbs) and can be easily broken in two pieces (1.1 lbs each) and divided over several feeds. As part of your horse’s daily feeding routine, 1-3 Brix a day can be fed. This advice is based on a 500 kg (1100lbs) horse in light to medium work.

Tip: HAVENS BRIX can also be used as a reward and are ideal whilst on the road or competing

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